Questions About Widmore

LOST theories?

Locke is the reincarnation of Jacob. also DHARMA Initiative = Charles Widmore, Keamy, Horace Goodspeed, Dr. Alvar Honso/Edgar Halowax/Edmond Wickman, everyone else before the Purge. The Others/Hostiles = Jacob, Richard, Abbadon, Goodwin, Mrs Goodwin.....and they all have four toes! What are your LOST theories? What are your LOST theories? I like to repeat myself. Oh yeah! I do think that Richard is Locke's father. Locke's mother's mother didn't agree with her dating a man that was twice her age. Funny, because Richard is more like 100 times her age. Locke's "father", Anthony Cooper (the one he gave his kidney to), might've conned Locke into thinking he's his father. if you rewatch that episode, Locke's "father" and mother look the same age. also, the conversation where Anthony tells Locke, "you needed a father figure and i needed a kideny" says to me that he's not really his father. just someone filling those shoes. taken from the LOSTpedia forum thx to csmudd0 for the awesome