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Does anyone know of good public torrent trackers that don't require end-user logins?

I'm convinced that until they figure out a way to make publishing a torrent file easier, bittorrent will never become completely popular. So I have torrentmaker. I have a valid announcement url. I can create the torrent file easily enough but I can't seem to find a reliable tracker to upload the file to to make it publically available. It seems like most tracker sites require people to log in in order to download the file, and that's just a pain in the ass. Short of setting up my own tracker, anyone know of good public trackers that don't require end-user logins? (And that don't have obnoxious popunders, like &$%#*&@ing Suprnova)?

Yikes - Windows Login goes Kablooey

Once upon a time there was a Windows 2003 Standard Server. Then one day an automatic process filled the System Disk (C:) until it was 0 bytes free. The system still works, but login is busted. What can I do to fix it? 30k gifs inside. This probably applies to Win 2k, Win Xp, and everyone else. Anyone ever hit red line? How can you recover? I cleared some space, then I tried Windows Recovery but did not know which cabinet to expand. Where does the login box come from? Task Manager/locked/all display fine. Starting login: If I enter something poorly, it complains with a sign Note THIS LOGIN STILL WORKS, you just have to close your eyes while you type.

Keychain login probs on OS X Tiger

Keychain probs with OS X...? All of a sudden and out of the blue OS X is giving this error whenever a program tries to access the keychain: It prompts me with a "Unlock Keychain" dialogue box: Please enter your keychain password. Safari wants to use keychain "login". I enter the password and it tells me the password is invalid. I know the password is right because it's a brand new user and I just created the password. When I go into, say, users, and click the padlock, it asks me for the master password, I provide it, and it works. However, nothing that tries to access keychain (mail, safari, firefox) works. What the hell? How do I reset this or do something that allows me to access the keychain? I'm on the latest version of Tiger. Thanks!

Client Login that's better than .htaccess

I work for a small production company, and we’re looking for a server-side “client-login” solution to reside on our web server for customers to preview rough-cuts and miscellaneous files. Currently, we have a combination of .htaccess / .htpasswd protected directories on our web server, with some PHP to make the file listings a little nicer on the eye. The two big problems with this system are ease of use and flexibility. For each client, we have to create a separately passworded directory below the main “client” tree on our server. This task also requires someone to manually add the user name / password to the .htpasswd list, which isn’t the easiest thing to train someone else to do. Secondly, it requires the client to browse to the correct sub-directory below the “client” tree, which adds a degree of error – which tends to reflect poorly on our company, and not the user. Lastly, this is all dependent on SSH and FTP to move files, which isn’t user-friendly for m

codeIgniter : losing session data after login

In codeigniter after login I am storing all the data into session and redirecting to forum controller. But I am losing all values in forum controller.

When I try after reducing some values from session it works perfectly.

Now my question is - why this is happening? Is there any upper limit of values to be store in session in codeIgniter?

Even I try to search I found like

redirect('forum', 'refresh');

But it is not working. And my project is half developed so I can't use "PHP Native Session class" of codeignter.

How can I callback AJAX success function after successful Spring Security login?

I have clients that issue AJAX calls. These calls reference URLs that are protected by Spring Security on the sever side. If the user's session has timed out, I have a login form popup in a lightbox. After the user has successfully logged in, I would like the client to re-execute AJAX call.

Here's an example of the client side code that makes an AJAX call:

function handleSearchClick(evt) {
    var setupOptions = { 
        success: loadSearch,
        type: "POST",
        dataType: "json",            
        url:   "../search.ajax",
        error: handleError, // how can I pass callback info i.e. I want to be able to execute $("#searchForm").ajaxSubmit(setupOptions); from handleError? 
        timeout: 50000

When the authentication fails, the server returns a 401 which results in the client calling handleError. Is it possible to pass a callback function to handleError?

Implementing java gui login using multithreading

I am working on a java application which has a login form in a jframe. I have text fields and buttons in it.

The login button has an eventlistener which is an inner-class of the class that creates the login window. When user presses the login button, the listener takes the values form the fields and passes it to a validator which validates it using a mysql database and returns true and false based on the input by user. Now based on the return value the listener updates the ui using the if-else statement. This whole thing is working is fine.

The problem is that when the validation is being carried out the gui cannot be used, because every thing is being done with a single thread. So for that time the gui is kind of freezed. How can I use multithreading to avoid this problem and use other gui components while validation is carried out.

Facebook SDK changes to Login in Pop-up view

I am Trying to Login my app with Facebook.For that reason I have Installed Facebook SDK. now Problem is I am trying to start with SAMPLEs code of SDK i.e SessionLoginSample .Problem is, to login Its takes me to the SAFARI to enter credientials.isn't it possible to open the login Page like PopUP View like(image 2)...

enter the image enter the Image 1 is coming directly (SAFARI ) ..what changes required to open it like (image 2) pop up.

 - (IBAction)buttonClickHandler:(id)sender {

SLAppDelegate *appDelegate = [[UIApplication sharedApplication]delegate];

if (appDelegate.session.isOpen) {

    [appDelegate.session closeAndClearTokenInformation];

} else {
    if (appDelegate.session.state != FBSessionStateCreated) {

        appDelegate.session = [[FBSession alloc] init];

    [appDelegate.session openWithCompletionHandl

Spring Security - Retaining URL parameters on redirect to login


lets say I have a secure url pattern


optionally, there can be url paramaters appended.


how can I make it so that those url params are carried over to the login page?


the basic premise is that we offer rewards integration with a 3rd party, who will send their users to us. They will be taken to a page to link their 3rd party account/profile with their/our website user. If however, they dont have an existing account with us, then on the login page, they will go to the signup page, and we would then like to prepopulate some of their details that the 3rd party has passed on to us.

thanks in advance

spring security 2.0.7.RELEASE spring framework 3.1.1.RELEASE

Android login activity using mysql database

Hi I am new to android and I am developing an app which has a login screen.

I have tried many tutorials but I am not sure how to connect the mysql database to my android app. In all the tutorials they have used php to connect the android app to the database.

What I want to know is that where exactly do I need to place the php file and where and how I need to create the php file.

I am creating the database using mysql workbench.

I am using eclipse 4.2 to write the java code.

Hi i am using the following code to check whether the user name i entered is correct or not along with the php code but the problem is that it always gives incorrect username.

String response = null;
try {
response = CustomHttpClient.executeHttpPost("", postParameters);  //Enetr Your remote PHP,ASP, Servlet file link
String res=response.toString();
// res = res.trim();
res= res.replaceAll("\s+","");

Facebook login (connect) button rendering in chrome fails

Today I realized that FB login button no longer renders correctly in chrome (maybe because of browser update - who knows). Take a look at this website in both IE and Chrome. Each button has some extra 'padding-top' in chrome and the iframe is not hidden correctly. Here is png preview

EDIT How to make FB login button to render correctly like in IE? Do you see similar issue on other websites? Has facebook changed something or it's Chrome to blame?

EDIT2 2013-01-16 Take a look at this thread: This is probably Facebook API error. I will post a response when they fix it.

Cannot login to SQL Server using NHibernate, but with Management Studio or sqlcmd it works

Im getting login failed error when trying to connect to my database using NHibernate:

var config = Fluently.Configure()
              .ConnectionString("Data Source=SERVER1\SQLEXPRESS;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=xxx"))
              .Mappings(x => x.FluentMappings.AddFromAssembly(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()));

With Error 18456 State 5 in the log viewer in SQL Management Studio.

But using sqlcmd or Management Studio it works fine (using Windows Auth)!

What could be the problem?

EDIT The NHibernate exception:

Test method ProjektLogg.Tests.NHibernateTests.ShouldBeAbleToGenerateFactory threw exception: 
FluentNHibernate.Cfg.FluentConfigurationException: An invalid or incomplete configuration was used while creating a SessionFactory. Check PotentialReasons collection, and InnerException

IIS Web server - How do I limit one login per user for video streaming

I am developing an IIS8 website where users can log in and once logged in watch videos. I want to serve my videos, which may be up to 6 hours long, using HTML5 <video />. I want to limit users to one login only so they can not share their login credentials with others, this will be a pay site. For static pages (non-video) this is easy, but I'm not sure how to do it for video. Once a HTML5 video starts playing how can I prevent the user from loggin in again? Or, if he does log in again, it there a way to interrupt the video playback from the 1st login? I'd love to hear ideas...

thanks David

Checking user role on login using CakePHP?

I want to create an admin panel for my site, for this I've created admin.ctp. In DB table name user contain column role, where role=admin/regular(user).

There is only one login form, and the question is, Is it possible to place a 'check' that if user.role=admin then redirect to the admin/user/dashboard and if user.role=regular then layout=default? my AppController.php contains:

function beforeFilter(){

    if ((isset($this->params['prefix']) && ($this->params['prefix'] == 'admin'))) {
        $this->layout = 'admin';

And usersController.php

function beforeFilter(){

Really slow login with PHP and MySQL

I'm working on an old site ad the login function takes forever. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this only im unsure whats causing it.

The login function uses AJAX.


$password = md5($_POST['thepassword']);
$user = $_POST['theusername'];

$loginVar = $usersClass->login($user, $password);

    $_SESSION['loggedIn'] = $loginVar; 

    print "success";

    print "Whoops, something went wrong! Try again.";

PHP Class

public function login($username, $password)

    $rs = mysql_query("SELECT `id`,`active` from `$this->usersTable` WHERE 
        `username` = '".mysql_real_escape_string($username)."' AND 
        `password` = '".mysql_real_escape_string($password)."'");

    if($rs) {
        $row = @mysql_fetch_object($rs);

            return $this->userInfo($row->id);

        return false;