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how to leave a job gracefully

My grant-funded contract job is wrapping up in two months. I've never left a job without quitting or taking another job before and I'm not sure what's expected or what to do. What did you do when you left your job? I got a "Thanks for all your hard work" memo from my boss basically outlining when my last day of work would be and telling me what they expected of me in the remaining weeks. I had sort of thought I might be kept on, but this was pretty clear evidence that they won't be doing that. I'd like to leave on a good foot but since my job for the next eight weeks is pretty much "Find and train a volunteer to do your job for free" I'm not optimistic that I can do this as well as they would like me to. I'm spending a lot of the next few weeks documenting what I've been doing so that hopefully people can pick up where I left off. I've enjoyed the job somewhat but won't be unhappy to leave. I've got a lot of accumulated sick leave and some vacatio

Grace for atheists

My family grew up saying grace before dinner, but none of us are religious. We value the pre-meal ceremony itself, but it doesn't seem right to use a standard, religious grace; can you suggest a different one? For us, grace is a chance to appreciate our good fortune in having peace, family, and food. The sentiments of the World Hunger Grace ("For food in a world where many walk in hunger...") apply pretty well, but stripping out the references to faith and oh Lord leaves it feeling kinda lame. Are there any atheists out there that say a grace? Do you use another pre-meal ceremony?

How do grace periods on credit cards work?

How do grace periods on US credit cards work and how can I avoid paying finance charges? I recently got AMEX and Citi "cash back" cards to use for all of my regular purchases. I plan to pay off both in full every month and reap the cash back benefits, but reading about grace periods leaves me wondering. Both have a 25-day grace period. The common definition that I know is that a grace period is the period after a purchase is made during which interest is not charged. So, to me, it seems that it is impossible to avoid finance charges on items I purchase at the beginning of my billing period, unless I pay off the card off twice a month (which AMEX doesn't let you do online!). This seems at odds with the fact that I've always heard that if you just pay your bill in full by the due date each month, you won't be charged interest. Am I misunderstanding things?

Saving grace.

Any guidance on writing a non-religious grace? Two families, one christian the other utterly non religious. I've been asked to write and say a wedding pre-dinner grace or blessing. I'm from the religious side of the family but not a believer. I'd like to write something that will nod towards the divine but embrace the sort of things i think we are all really there for i.e. love, family and celebration. Any suggestions as to what to say? Perhaps links to non denominational blessings etc? Thanks in advance.

First attempt at lazy loading (deferring the load of embedded YouTube videos) - how can I do this more gracefully?

Yesterday I decided to improve the way my website loads YouTube videos by only embedding them when a user requests them. Sometimes a page could have as many as 30 videos on, and this would take a long time to load.

This is the first time I've attempted a "lazy loading" method of anything, and I figured it would be well worth asking:

What can I do to improve on this?

How can I make it a bit more graceful?

Does this completely miss the point of deferred loading?


Ignore the styling as that's irrelevant here.

The way this works is by first placing an anchor on the page containing the video's ID:

<a href="#" data-video="FzRH3iTQPrk" class="youtube-video">

The jQuery behind then loops through every and creates a transparent span with the video

is it ok to use server-side browser detection to ensure graceful degradation of html5 sematic tags in IE7 and IE8

It is a well known fact that html5 semantic tags won't degrade gracefully in IE lesser than version 9 without some help in form of conditional javascript snippet. It means that users with IE7 and turned off javascript will see something ugly instead of your shiny html5 site.

I thought of the way to address that, and came up with the following approach: on the server side (say in mvc view) have something in lines of:

    OutputHtml5WithFallback("<header>MyHeader</header>", "<div>MyHeader</div>");

and have a browser sniffing code to figure out if the request came from IE7 or IE8. If the browser is recognized as IE7 or IE8, html output will be




Must I "diss" grace as an atheist?

What's the polite thing for an atheist to do during grace at the dinner table to which s/he was invited? Recently, I found myself in a series of uncomfortable situations where I was a guest at the dinner table of very devout religious-folk who would take 4-5 minutes to say grace. As a guest, I didn't want to offend by refusing to take part or standing out in any way. At the same time, I wasn't going to pretend to be praying, either. When I searched, I found this and this, but neither really answered my question. This comment makes it clear what I should do (if I understand the comment correctly), but I was a bit surprised by it, as I had imagined that the offense would come from the other direction, as I mentioned above. What I ended up doing was simply folding my hands together in a somewhat casual way, then staring intently at my dish with a slightly bowed head, but this felt extremely silly. To provide some background info: no, the family didn't kno

How do I resign gracefully?

How do I resign gracefully? Should I give more than two weeks notice? I have a wonderful full-time job but I'm returning to college in January. I took a full-time job several months ago and left school. However, it is time for me to return (if I don't do it soon, I won't do it), and I'm starting again full-time in January. The problem is I want to leave the job in a way that means I might have a chance of working there again after I get my degree (3 more years). They're really short on people to fill my position, so I want to give them enough time to fill it, but not too much that they find someone and kick me out and tell me never to return... Also, I haven't been working there long enough to earn vacation time. Because they are so short on staff, I don't really have a chance to go. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I didn't get a holiday vacation and my husband already got us a week-long trip. If I stayed for that week, I'd be leaving for school a few days l

Help me become a graceful nondrinker.

How do I gracefully become a (young) non-drinker? It's become apparent to me over the past couple of months that I can't have so much as a drink without risking a tidy little migraine shortly after. While I've enjoyed drinking socially in the past, I'd rather stop drinking than continue having migraines every time I have so much as a mojito. That said, how do I gracefully make the transition from "social drinker" to "teetotaler"? I'm 22, and although I'm not dating, alcohol is a substantial part of the social scene. I often make plans to meet "for a drink" with friends, and going to bars and clubs is something that's done in my social circle. I am just seeking ways to answer the inevitable "Are you pregnant/on the wagon/religious?" questions that are bound to come up, preferably without going into too much detail about my medical condition. (Not because I'm embarrassed, but just because, well, I'm somewhat reticent o

IT contracting: gracefully refusing runner-up opportunities?

If you are a programmer who works on contract, how do you gracefully deal with an excess of opportunity? I have just moved back to an area where I knew a lot of people. I left a good reputation behind, it's internet bubble 2.0 here, and as a result I have lots of potential work going on. I'm not used to having more than one or two new gigs to choose from. Because this same area where I now live is a small world where word gets around quickly, I could use some advice on how to ethically and politely negotiate with several parties without pissing off those whom I turn down. I'd like to exploit this chance to pick the best option, but I'm worried about stringing potential employers along while I get down the details about deliverables, hours and rates.