Questions About Xian China

China adventure tips

I'm traveling to china in a few weeks, for a few weeks. We're going from Beijing to several outer areas, staying in hostels, figuring things out as we go. What do we need to be prepared for? Specifically I'm wondering: what if any vaccinations we should getwhat medicine to bring along (would anything be confiscated?)what you recommend packing for this style of trip (in one medium backpack each, both clothes and entertainment for long bus rides)other thoughts?Here's our basic itinerary: Beijing - Datong - Hohhot (inner mongolia) - Xian - Chengdu - Chongqing - 3 Gorges River Cruise - Huangshan - Suzhou - Shanghai - Beijing.We have already handled visas. I'll of course be bringing my camera. Are batteries easy to come by? Should i bring my recharger?

Recommendations and advice for visiting China?

Traveling to China in November. I've seen some of the famous tourist spots (Great Wall, terra cotta soldiers in Xian, gardens in Suzhou, etc.), but I would like to visit some places that are not as well known. Any advice? I'll probably be in Beijing, Shanghai and plan on visiting Yunnan. Any stops around Guilin, Anhui and Fujian are do-able too. However, I'll be traveling with my parents who are not as energetic as they used to be, so scenic areas that involve lots of uphill walking might not work out. Someone in a past thread about China mentioned Pingyao, which I will definitely be visiting. Are there any other ancient well-preserved towns that I shouldn't miss? Advice about weather, taking the train, etc. would be appreciated too! Thanks!

Advice for Summer China Adventures

I am traveling solo around northeast and central China for the next two months and would love your advice and sightseeing suggestions! I left China when I was 7 and this will be the longest I've been in the country since. I've also never traveled by myself outside of Canada and the US, so I'm a bit nervous but also really excited. My mandarin is understandable, but not fluent. I will be staying with family near Shanghai for about a week to acclimatize so I get more linguistically competent and recover from jetlag. My itinerary after that is roughly as follows: Beijing 05/10 Hailaer 05/17 Harbin 05/22 Jilin/Liaoning/Hebei 06/25 Shandong/Hubei/Shanxi 06/02 Gansu/Ningxia/Qinghai 06/10 Xinjiang 06/20 back to Jiangsu 07/01 HongKong 07/28 I'm planning to live in a hostel in Beijing to meet up with other travelers. I have couchsurfing contacts and some family friends lined up for Jilin/Liaoning/Hubei. Hopefully along the way, I'l

Folks, has anyone been to Lhasa, Tibet; and China?

I am touring China and Tibet this May, 2009 and would like some advise on China and the altitude of Tibet. Going to Beijing, Xian, Lhasa, Yangtze cruise, Shanghai, back to Beijing, and US. What can anyone tell me about these places especially of the altitude in Lhasa? Any and all info is appreciated. Yes, altitude of Lhasa, Tibet. Not attitude!! How bearable is it? What did you do to tolerate it? I'll be there for 3days/3nights.

Shanghai Xian and China Backpacking?

I am planning on backpacking through Asia next summer. Working out potential places to visit mainly in & around southeast Asia but I plan to visit Bejing as well. The question is, should I also visit Shanghai & Xian? Other than The Terracotta Warriors what does Xian offer over other potential places to visit? Also what does Shanghai have to offer that would make it a good stop? I'm not looking for answer simply saying you have to visit either of the places; remember this is from a backpacking point of view taking into account not only travel costs but daily costs of staying there. Also if you've been how long should I spend in each place? If any. Thank

My family and I are going to china this summer, any intresting, scenic, or active places to visit?

My mom, brother, dad, and I are going to china this summer and I was just wondering if any body could give me some cool places to visit. We'll be traveling to bejiing, shanghai, Hong Kong, and then sailing up the Yangtze river to the city of Xian. If somebody could give me some really intresting places to visit or things to do, I would be eternally grateful.

Are China tours worth booking? How cheap is domestic airfare?

I'd like to go to Xian, Shanghai, Beijing, Guilin, and Hong Kong. I will be flying in to Hong Kong first and come back after all the other locations to leave China. My question is whether China tours are worth booking. Right now I feel like it might be unnecessary because my focus is to do shopping and eat the yummy local foods. Yes, I would like to visit the amazing sights at these locations as well but I don't want a tour to consist of the sight-seeing all day. I've heard a few people from the internet say that some tour companies have tricked them one way or another, or that some are nice but tour food isn't too great. My problem when I'm NOT going with a tour company is that I don't know whether the transportation between each location will add up to a lot of money. I think I have about at most 11-12 days to go, unfortunately. How cheap is domestic airfare? Which choice will save me more money and allow me freedom to explore? Thank you.

What would you name 10 kids with these city names?

All of the names in the following lists are cities in the worlds twenty richest countries (the name of the country is in parentheses). If you hate all the names, pick the one you hate the least. You can pick each gender! ** Some of the cities I took off the ending of –berg, -ton, -ville, etc. ** First name (USA): Houston, Phoenix, Dallas, Charlotte, Columbia, Diego, Boston Middle name (China): Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Harbin, Dalian, Xian, Tiajin First name (India): Delhi, Ludhiana, Agra, Kolkata, Chennai, Thane, Surat Middle name (Japan): Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Chiba, Saitama, Toyama, Kobe First name (Germany): Berlin, Dresden, Kiel, Madge, Essen, Halle, Bremen Middle name (Russia): Tynda, Ekaterina, Vladimir, Peter, Saratov, Samara, Moscow First name (Brazil): Paulo, Vitoria, Miracema, Salvador, Teresina, Marcelo, Luis Middle name (UK): London, Bristol, Bradford, Derby, Preston, Bolton, York First name (France): Paris, Nancy, Toulouse, Etienne, Rouen, Lille, Marseille Middle nam